Latest video on official Japanese Pokémon TCG channel reveals Aegislash evolution line cards from the upcoming Raging Surf subset

New Aegislash card plus hidden Art Rare
A new video on the Pokémon Trading Card Game's official Japanese YouTube channel has revealed new cards for the Aegislash evolution line, which will be released in Japan later this month on September 22nd as part of the upcoming Raging Surf subset for the Scarlet & Violet series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Cards from this set are expected to be released internationally as part of the Scarlet & Violet: Paradox Rift expansion later this year.

Translations of all of these cards can be found in the table below, and on Bulbapedia.
Card #Card Image(s)Translation
SV3a 045/062
Honedge SV3a 045/062
Honedge HP: 60 :M:

:M: Cut Up 20

Weakness: :R: x2
Resistance: :G: -30
Retreat: :C:
SV3a 046/062
Doublade SV3a 046/062
Doublade HP: 90 :M:

:C: Slash 20

:M::C: Slashing Strike 80
This Pokémon can't use Slashing Strike during your next turn.

Weakness: :R: x2
Resistance: :G: -30
Retreat: :C::C:
SV3a 047/062
SV3a 073/062
Aegislash SV3a 047/062
Aegislash SV3a 073/062
Aegislash HP: 150 :M:

Ability: Safeguard
Prevent all damage done to this Pokémon from attacks by your opponent's Pokémon ex and Pokémon V.

:M::C: Hard Bash 120
This attack's damage isn't affected by any effects on your opponent's Active Pokémon.

Weakness: :R: x2
Resistance: :G: -30
Retreat: :C::C::C:

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