New Pokémon Sleep merch collabs - relaxing eye masks and luxury pajamas for a good night’s rest

Gelato Pique Jigglypuff sleep set
Pokémon Sleep has gained a remarkable amount of popularity quickly as a sleep tracking app, reaching a million downloads in the month and a half since its release. It’s no surprise then, that the Pokémon Company has announced the following two merchandise collaborations for the app, both launching in September and both featuring adorable sleeping Pokémon.

Pokémon sleep mask designs by Kao Corporation
Japanese cosmetics company Kao Corporation will release new Pokémon designs for their single-use, instantly-warming eye masks. The relaxing eye masks will come in unscented and lavender scented, with their box designs fitting together to create a scene of snoozing Pokémon from the game. While the masks are scheduled for release on September 2nd exclusively at Japanese retailers, Kao does offer their regular warming eye masks on Amazon in the US, so the new Pokémon designs may appear there as well.

A more expansive line of Pokémon Sleep merch will come from Gelato Pique, the Japanese loungewear company inspired by desserts. The 47-piece collection will include loungewear and pajamas in men’s, women’s and kids’ sizes, as well as extra accessories like headbands, blankets, and makeup pouches.
Gelato Pique Snorlax short set
Gelato Pique Jigglypuff leggings set
Gelato Pique kid's Pikachu onesie
Prices for this high-end collaboration will range from ¥1,320 (~$9.08 USD) for hand towels, to ¥18,920 (~$130.17 USD) for the most expensive men’s pajama set. Snorlax, Pikachu, and Jigglypuff are the focus of the loungewear line, appearing as plush shorts sets, onesies, and cardigans. Snorlax even appears as a plushie made of Gelato Pique’s signature fabric.
Snorlax cardigan
Pikachu sleep mask
Gelato Pique makeup pouch
Gelato Pique sleep shirt
Gelato Pique Snorlax pillow
Pikachu sleep set

Gelato Pique's Pokémon Sleep collection is scheduled for release on September 28th at physical locations in Japan (including Pokémon Centers), and online at the Pokémon Center Online and on Gelato Pique’s website. It seems likely that at least some pieces of the collection will be available online for customers in the U.S. as well, as some pieces of the collaboration between Gelato Pique and Pikmin from earlier this year are available on Gelato Pique's U.S. website.

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