Pokémon Café ReMix's Version 3.20 update sees return of Mewtwo, and debut of Latias

Several events have started in Pokémon Café ReMix, alongside game's version 3.20 update, including the return of Mewtwo, the debut of Latias, special challenges, and more. The Pokémon Presents presentation broadcasted on August 3rd also revealed that Latios will be making its own debut in Pokémon Café ReMix in the near future.

Update to Version 3.20
Version 3.20.0 of Pokémon Café ReMix is now available for players for download. This update adds the new Sidekick Skill mechanic to the game. This update also fixes a previous issue where erasing choux pastry gave players a lower score than expected.

Sidekick skills
Sidekick skills are special abilities that only certain Pokémon can have. When the Pokémon with the Sidekick skill are added to the Sidekick lineup, its Sidekick bonus will activate to help players throughout the puzzle. Sidekick bonus can be learned by Pokémon by giving them Sidekick candy. The Sidekick bonus can be powered up by giving the Pokémon additional Sidekick candies.

Mewtwo's Return
The Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo returns to Pokémon Café ReMix as part of the Mewtwo's Return event. As of this event, Mewtwo now also has a Sidekick bonus, which will increase the player's score when used. During this event, players will earn legendary coins for raising Mewtwo's full-belly rank, which can be exchanged for certain rewards and boosters. Players who collect enough legendary coins will be able to recruit Mewtwo as staff. This event will end on August 12th at 2:59pm (JST).

Summer Courtesy challenge
Alongside Mewtwo's Return, the Summer Courtesy challenge will be running in-game until August 12th at 2:59pm (JST). By completing Main orders and special challenges, as well as participating in the Legendary visit event, players can earn various rewards and boosters including stamina shards and Golden acorns. If all Challenge cards are completed, players will be rewarded with an 11x express delivery ticket.

Latias in Pelipper Delivery - Free usage of Express Delivery once a day

The Eon Pokémon Latias will be the target Pokémon for the Pelipper Delivery feature until August 17th at 2:59pm (JST). Players can take this opportunity to use this feature to recruit Latias as staff.

Until August 12th at 2:59pm (JST), players can do one Express Delivery for free each day. With this Express Delivery, players can receive rewards and boosters instantly without having to wait for 24 hours. The chances of delivering to Latias will also be increased.

Limited Time Packs in the In-Game Shop

The Legendary Store Daily Stamina Pack is available to purchase in the in-game shop until August 12th at 2:59pm (JST). This value pack includes 4900 Golden acorns, and 20 stamina shards.

The Surprise! Pokémon Instant Hire Pack is also available to purchase in the in-game shop until August 12th at 2:59pm (JST). This pack, which can only be purchased once, comes with an 11x express delivery ticket, and 29,400 Golden acorns. By using the 11x express delivery ticket, players will have a guaranteed chance of recruiting a target Pokémon or a Five-Star Skill Pokémon. If the target Pokémon is already recruited, players will receive that Pokémon's cookie. If the Five-Star Skill Pokémon is already recruited, the level of that Pokémon's Five-Star Skill will be increased.

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