Leah's Training, Shiny Audino, and Daily Stamp log-in bonus currently live in Pokémon Café ReMix

Three events to have started in Pokémon Café ReMix, each offering a different way for players to expand or grow their Café staff.

Leah's Training Week
Running through until August 12th at 2:59pm JST, Staff of any Specialty will be eligible to earn twice the EXP when Training orders are completed.

Increased chance of Shiny Audino appearing
Shiny Audino will have an increased chance of appearing as customer until August 3rd, at 2:59pm JST. Players can take this opportunity to complete Main and Past orders to recruit Shiny Audino as staff for the Café. For those who had already recruited Shiny Audino will receive double the Audino cookies.

Special  Daily Stamp
A special daily stamp will be available that gives 10+1 Express Ticket every time the game is logged-in for 10 days. Up to 11,000 Golden acorns can be received if players successfully logged-in for all 10 days. A new day starts at 3:00pm JST. This Special Daily Stamp will end on August 15th at 2:59pm JST.

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