Training Area Rally, Special Rally, and Blissful Bonanza running in Pokémon Masters EX until July 1st

Pokémon Masters is offering players many reasons to celebrate over the coming week with rallies and the Blissful Bonanza making a return, new sync grids for existing Sync Pairs, as well as a 6★ EX Upgrade for Hau, who features in the ongoing It's All Good Solo Event.

Training Area Reward Boost Rally
Until July 1st at 10:59pm (PST), trainers will receive extra rewards for completing Training area stages as part of a Training Area Reward Boost Rally. The following areas will each award x1.5 Completion Rewards and Battle Rewards over the period of the Rally:
  • Level Up Area
  • Cap Unlock Area
  • Cap Unlock Area 2
  • Theme Skill Area
To use the Training Area, players must have completed Main Story Chapter 1: The More the Merrier (Normal) in single-player.

Special Rally
Until July 1st at 10:59pm (PST), players can receive rewards such as Gems and 5★-Guaranteed Scout Tickets for completing certain in-game missions that depend on the amount of stamina used by the player. The Missions and Rewards are as follows:
  • Mission 1: Use Stamina x250 - x100 Gems
  • Mission 2: Use Stamina x500 - x50 Skip Tickets
  • Mission 3: Use Stamina x750 - Gems x 100
  • Mission 4: Use Stamina x1,000 - Sync Orbs x1000
  • Mission 5: Use Stamina x1,250 - 5★ Skip Ticket x1
  • Mission 6: Use Stamina x1,500 - Sync Orbs x1000
  • Mission 7: Use Stamina x1,750 - Gems x100
  • Mission 8: Use Stamina x2,000 - Skip Tickets x50
  • Mission 9: Use Stamina x2,250 - Gemsx100
  • Mission 10: Use Stamina x2,500 - 5★ Guaranteed Scout Ticket
To participate in the Special Rally, players must have completed Main Story Chapter 1: The More the Merrier (Normal) in single-player. All mission completion rewards will expire three days after the end of the Rally period, so be sure to claim any rewards promptly to ensure you don't miss out.

Blissful Bonanza

Blissful Bonanza is making a return to Pokémon Masters EX, running through to July 1st at 10:59pm PT. Blissful Bonanza is a limited-time event where players can complete one-time-per-day missions to earn Tome and Codex Sets, along with special Happy, Joy and Bliss Tickets, which can be exchanged in the shop for items such as 5★-Guaranteed Scout Tickets, Lucky Cookies and Lucky Scrolls. Players can acquire a total of 900 gems from completing this event in full.

In addition to the Daily Bliss Battle which can be challenged once per day, players can also challenge a Special Bliss Battle which puts sync pairs in a full force battle against the entire Blissey evolution line for additional rewards. This battle will only be available at the following times.
  • Day 4: From June 27th, at 11:00pm PT, through to June 28th at 10:59pm PT
  • Day 7: From June 30th, at 11:00pm PT, through to July 1st at 10:59pm PT
Completing this special battle will award players with the following items:
  • Tome Set Vol.1 x30
  • Codex Set Vol.1 x8
  • Happy Ticket x15
  • Joy Ticket x10
  • Bliss Ticket x5
Players should also note the following when playing this event:
  • To participate, players must have completed Main Story Chapter 1: The More the Merrier (Normal) in single-player.
  • The sync pairs that appear as opponents in battle have different capabilities than those players can actually obtain.
  • All mission completion rewards must be claimed within three days of the mission period ending.
  • Leftover Happy, Joy and Bliss Tickets at the end of this event will be automatically converted to coins at a rate of 10 coins per voucher, and sent to players' Present Boxes
June Sync Pair Upgrades

As part of Pokémon Masters Day celebrations for June 2022, 5★ Hau & Raichu can be now raised to 6★ EX. When raised to 6★ EX, Hau takes on a white and blue outfit. Raising 4★ Hau & Raichu to 6★ EX also adds Hau's music to the Jukebox in-game.
Additionally, the sync grids of 4★ Winona & Pelipper, 3★ Mina & Granbull, and 3★ Valerie & Sylveon have also been expanded.

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