New range of dishes and tableware coming later this month to Pokémon Café locations in Tokyo and Osaka

From April 23rd, the Pokémon Café locations in Tokyo and Osaka will be releasing a range of new original Pokémon-themed menu items and tableware. Customers looking to have the Pokémon Café feeling at home will be able to purchase this tableware from the goods center in-shop at each Pokémon Café location. The new additions to the kids' menu, which is exclusivly available to elementary-school-student ages and below, feature "tons of Pikachu". The adults' menu is also expanding with a new original sandwich that promises to be popular with parents, while a Snorlax-themed pancake set is being added to the sweets menu.

The core new item joining the kids' menu is a hamburger with ketchup, the condiment that Ash's Pikachu is shown to love in the anime. The top bun itself has a Pikachu motif, complete with Pikachu's iconic spiky ears. The hamburger can be purchased on its own for ¥1,078 ($8.58 USD), or as part of a "For Kids Lunchplate Set", costing ¥3,850 ($30.66 USD), which includes assorted vegetables and Pikachu-shaped pasta as side dishes.
The Pokémon Café website said:

Let's enjoy eating this hamburger together with the Pokémon Café's Pikachu! There are lots of Pikachu hiding on the plate, so try to find them♪

The tableware for this dish includes a number of different images of Pikachu, with designs that show Pikachu as a chef, sipping tea, and baking.

The Pokémon Café website said:

With your purchase comes a 3-sheet Pokémon Café original coloring coaster set! Let's bring it home and color it in your favorite colors! I wonder if you'll color it well? You can also buy the Kids' tableware. The paper that the food is placed on is included (and is first-come first-served), so you can have the Pokémon Café feeling even at your home!

The newest addition to the adult-oriented menu is "Pikachu's fluffy tail-style Craft Sandwich Plate", which as the name suggests is a sandwich in the shape of Pikachu's tail. This item will be available for ¥1738 ($13.84 USD).
The Pokémon Café website said:
新しい食器を使用した、お父さんやお母さん用のメニューも登場!キッズプレートとおそろいの食器で、家族で食事を楽しもう!手のひらからはみ出ちゃう!? ふわふわなピカチュウのしっぽパンがインパクト大!お好みでおかずを挟んで、自分だけのクラフトサンドイッチを楽しんでね♪

Moms and dads can eat an item from this new menu as well! With matching tableware as the Kids' Plate, you can have fun as a family! It's right in the palm of your hand!? The fluffy Pikachu tail has a big impact! With your favorite side dishes, you can have fun with a craft sandwich only for you♪

The final new item, "Snorlax-in-the-way pancakes with chocolate sauce", comes with its' own special and original plate, and will sell for ¥1958 ($15.60 USD). The plate is designed to look like a scenario beheld by manyーthe common franchise joke of Snorlax getting in the way of one's path.
The Pokémon Café website said:
ポケモンカフェのオリジナル食器「カビゴンプレート」を使用した新しいスイーツメニューが登場!ゲームの中に登場するあのシーンを再現...!? 橋をとおせんぼうしているカビゴンのパンケーキだよ!お好みでチョコレートソースをかけたり、つけたりして楽しんでね!

A new addition to the Pokémon Café sweets menu that uses its' original 'Snorlax Plate'! Recreating that...scene from the game!? It's Snorlax blocking the way to the bridge! Have fun adding as much chocolate sauce as you'd like!

To commemorate the new menu and tableware release, a Pokémon Café promotion is also running on social media.
The Pokémon Café website said:

Once you've gotten the hang of at creating your own menu with the Pokémon Café tableware, post by SNS an image of your work and the hashtag 「#おうちで楽しむポケモンカフェ」 [A fun Pokémon Café at your home]!

There are two Pokémon Café locations, one in Tokyo (Chuo-ku, Nihonbashi 2-chōme−11−2, Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. East Building 5F), and the other in Osaka (Chuo-ku, Shinsaibashi-suji 1-7-1, Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store Honka 9F). Prices for all menu items in this article include tax.

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