Maybelline announces Japan-only limited release of Pikachu-inspired makeup line

The Japanese branch of world-renowned cosmetics company Maybelline New York has announced a special limited release of cosmetic products with a Pikachu motif. The products being offered in this range include mascara, brow pencils, eyeliner, lip shades, and eyeshadow. At this time, the collection has only been announced for sale within Japan. The official release of the items will be on Saturday, April 9th, however presales will be available from select Japanese stores from March 25th.

Product Range
The collection includes a selection of different items across a broad range of Maybelline products. All of the shades and colours in the collection appear to be the same as existing products already offered by Maybelline, just in new Pikachu themed packaging.

First up in the collection is a Pikachu edition of Maybelline's number one mascara, Lashionista. Retailing for ¥1290 (~$10.87 USD), the box is black with a neon yellow Pikachu print, and the case is hot pink with a silhouette of Pikachu.

The Brow Ultra Fluffy powder-In brow pencil has two colors, "Bright Brown" and "Natural Brown", and was designed to hold onto eyebrows strongly. Both boxes and cases feature different designs of Pikachu. Each brow pencil will retail for ¥1090 (~$9.19 USD).

The Hyper Sharp liquid eyeliners are set at a price of ¥1590 (~$13.40 USD) each, and will be available in two colors, "Jet-black" and "Brown-black". The Brown-black casing is mainly brown, and the Jet-black casing is yellow, with both having black silhouettes of Pikachu on the ends.

There are four Super Stay Matte Ink lip shades included in the collection, Mature Cherry Rose, Milty Brown, Mode Brown, and Vintage Terracotta. These four colors represent some of Maybelline's most popular lip shade colors in the Japanese domestic market. The lip shades will be available for ¥1590 (~$13.40 USD) each, with all four shades having their own unique case designs, featuring different Pikachu silhouettes and colors.

The last item being sold is called The City Mini Palette, which includes a selection of six eyeshadow colors from the Rooftop Bronzes shade collection. Retailing at ¥1590 (~$13.40 USD), the box features a minimalistically designed running Pikachu accompanied by white lightning bolts.

Maybelline's Pokémon Pikachu Collection will only be available for a limited time, and only from Japanese stores, including both physical and online retailers. Online presales will begin from March 25th, from Amazon Japan, Rakuten, @cosme SHOPPING, and LOHACO. Physical presales will be available from select PLAZA, MINiPLA, and Loft stores beginning March 26th. Other Japanese locations normally selling Maybelline products will start to carry the range from April 9th, though not all stores will necessarily have the full range from that day.

At the time of writing, no plans have been announced to make the range officially available outside of Japan. While it's unknown if online stores will restrict international orders, overseas fans hoping to get their hands on the collection should still have options given the wide availability of shopping proxy services for Japan for several of the online retailers offering presales.

Model Profile: Neo
The face of this collection is the multitalented Neo, whose work as a model, video creator, talent, and artist has in excess of 48 million followers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube from an audience of Japanese girls primarily in middle and high school. Born June 6th, 2001, in Japan's Kagoshima Prefecture, Neo first rose to popularity back in 2015, with a range of "Lip Sync" videos using the Mix Channel app.

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