Sinnoh-themed events and scouts come to Pokémon Masters EX alongside new Villain Arc chapter; Give and Take added to Legendary Adventures

A range of news Sinnoh-themed content has been added to Pokémon Masters EX this week. Alongside the addition of the Sinnoh Chapter to the Villain Arc of the Main Story, there are also two separate limited-time events beginning that feature Team Galactic, and a a set of Scout banners focused on characters from the Sinnoh region. In addition to all this Sinnoh-themed content, the Give and Take story featuring Professor Sycamore & Xerneas is also being added to Legendary Adventures.

Villain Arc - Sinnoh Chapter

The Sinnoh Chapter that was announced late last year has finally been added to the game! This new main story chapter follows the evil Team Galactic as they restart their plans on Pasio. Cyrus partners with Palkia, the legendary Pokémon from Sinnoh, in order to fulfill his ambitions of making a world without human spirit.

This chapter is a permanent addition to the main story. Players will need to have completed Main Story Chapter 1: The More the Merrier (Normal) in single-player in order to unlock this and other chapters of the Main Story Villain Arc.

Villain Event: Dreams of the Void and Extreme Battle Event: Team Galactic Takedown
Two new limited-time events will be running as an acccompanyment to the launch of the new Sinnoh Chapter of the Villain Arc, both of which see players face off against Team Galactic and Cyrus

The Dreams of the Void event will be running until January 29th at 9:59pm (PST). In addition to other rewards such as event medals, players can collect vouchers through battle rewards, to trade for Custom Cyrus & Palkia Legendary Spirit from the Exchange Items menu, which can be used to raise Cyrus & Palkia to 6★ EX. Once raised to 6★ EX, Cyrus's jacket is changed to be predominately purple, with the regular grey colour being retained for highlights on the sides and down the middle.

The Dreams of the Void event also includes the usual event login bonuses of gems and skip tickets. Players can receive these login bonuses up until January 29th at 9:59pm (PST), so even if you're a couple of days late starting the event you can still receive your gifts.
  • Day 1: Skip Ticket x 20
  • Day 2: Gems x 100
  • Day 3: Gems x 100
  • Day 4: Gems x 100
  • Day 5: Skip Ticket x 20
  • Day 6: Gems x 100
  • Day 7: Gems x 100
  • Day 8: Gems x 100
  • Day 9: Skip Ticket x 20
  • Day 10: Gems x 100
  • Day 11: Gems x 100
  • Day 12: Gems x 100
  • Day 13: Gems x 100
  • Day 14: Skip Ticket x 20
Players should also note the following when playing this event:
  • To participate, players must have completed Main Story Chapter 1: The More the Merrier (Normal) in single-player.
  • The sync pairs that appear as opponents in battle have different capabilities than those players can actually obtain.
  • The number of plays available for Daily Extreme Battle 1 are reset every day at 10:00 p.m. (PST)
  • All mission completion rewards must be claimed within three days of the mission period ending.
  • When the exchange period for the vouchers obtained in this event ends, leftover vouchers will be converted into coins (10 coins per voucher) and sent to each player's Present Box.
In addition to the Dreams of the Void event, an Extreme Battle Event will be beginning from 10:00pm (PST) on January 14th. As of writing, no specific end-date for this event has been given.

Event Gem Special
As a bonus to go with these time-limited events, several specials are now available in the in-game shop for players to purchase Gems with real world money, at a reduced price. Four separate January Gem Specials are available. These specials will remain available until January 30th at 9:59pm (PST)


Sinnoh Region Scouts
Lucas & Dialga, who play a starring role in the Dreams of the Void event, are also being featured in a Poké Fair Scout accompanying the event. 5★ sync pairs will appear at a 10% rate in this scout, with Lucas & Dialga having an individual rate at 1%, and other 5★ sync pairs from the general pool having improved odds. Standard gem prices for banners apply, and players can also make a once per day discounted Scout at a price of 100 paid gems.

Lucas & Dialga are a fair-exclusive 5★ Dragon-type Tech Sync Pair, that specializes in boosting Dragon-type Pairs through their Dragon Wish move. The pair can be raised to 6★ EX, with Lucas gaining a silver and blue coloured outfit.

In addition to the Lucas Poké Fair Scout, players can also take advantage of a special 5★-Guarenteed Sinnoh Special Scout at a cost of 3,000 gems (free or paid). This scout, which can be done up to three times, ensures that at least one of the 11 Sync Pairs scouted will be a 5★ Sync Pair. Only Sync Pairs from the Sinnoh region will appear in this scout.

Both of these Scout banners will be running all the way through to February 27th at 9:59pm (PST).

Legendary Adventure: Father or Foe
The Give and Take event featuring Professor Sycamore & Xerneas has been added to the Legendary Adventures, and is a permanent addition to the main story. Version 2.15.0 of Pokémon Masters EX added Legendary Adventures to the Main Story menu, allowing players to play past Legendary Events whenever they like. Players can receive Professor Sycamore & Xerneas through completing stages from this storyline, regardless of if they played the original Legendary Event. Completing this Legendary Adventure will also allow players to collect custom vouchers and custom ★ Power-Ups to increase the potential and move level of Professor Sycamore & Xerneas. Players who have already completed the original Give and Take Legendary Event and have received all of the rewards can instead exchange the rewards from this Legendary Adventure for 5★ Power-Ups and other items.

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