Pokémon TV comes to Nintendo Switch


The Pokémon TV app, which has been available for download for some time now on Android and Apple mobile and TV devices, has now been released for download on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

The app features a wide library of Pokémon content, including select episodes, specials, movies, and series of the Pokémon anime, the Top Deck Academy series on Pokémon TCG strategy, and a selection of tournament videos including the finals of the first three Players Cup tournaments. The app also includes a Junior category featuring Pokémon Kids TV, with a selection of videos appropriate for younger Pokémon fans. The exact selection of videos available in the app changes on a regular basis, so if there's something you're interested in, be sure to watch it sooner than later so you're not missing out.

The app settings support English (US and UK), Freench, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain and Latin American), Portugese (Brazilian), Russian, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, and Swedish languages. One notable but unsurprising omission is the lack of a Japanese language option, and the app is not available on the Japanese eShop at all.

Watching Pokémon TV on the Nintendo Switch requires an internet connection, however a Nintendo Switch Online membership is not required to use the app.

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